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There LeBron X "Cork" is set to release on Feb. 23rd.


The LeBron X is one hell of a good looking shoe, no doubt. From the Hyperfuse diamonds to the speckled laces and of course the three-dimensional reverse swoosh, (for those models with Nike +) the LeBron X is easily the prettiest signature sneaker Nike designed in all of 2012. We have seen the shoe in many (and by many I mean a TON) of different colorways and its only December. In addition, the shoe is also available on Nike iD, where Nike fans can customize and create their own colorway of the LeBron X (with or without Nike +). I personally have had a tough time justifying a second pair of the LeBron X, mostly because of how much the value of each seperate colorway is diminished knowing another one is coming out next week. There are two colorways of the LeBron X which I would consider a “must cop”.

The first would have to be the “Gold Medal” LeBron X:

I don’t feel like I really have to explain myself as to why. Team USA went to London, dominated and brought back Gold Medals. When you combine a beautifully designed shoe like the LeBron X with historical value such as the Olympics or a gold medal, thats a shoe that is going to hold it’s value. In fact, the LeBron X “Gold Medal” will likely increase in value over time. The sneaker wasn’t exactly easy to get as it sold out in less than 20 seconds on Nike.com and within minutes in stores everywhere across America. The “Gold Medal” truly is a golden shoe when you consider the meaning behind it. Plus, that colorway was down right sexy.

Caption: The LeBron X "Gold Medal" released nation wide on Sept. 29th, 2012


The second model of the LeBron X that I will for sure be RSVP’ing for is the “Cork” version:

It’s made out of cork. How sick is that? (no creasing lolz). And the idea behind the cork material is very clever. The shoe was inspired from the Heat’s 2012 NBA Championship (popping bottles/corks). The guys at Nike also did a great job of mixing materials together with this version. The shoe features a dark brown leather for the tongue, bright red Flywire and some thin (almost dress shoe like) brown laces. I think everybody and their mother thinks the lower should have been made of the same brown as the swoosh and tongue instead of white (white? really?) but hey, I don’t make the rules. Like all of the other retail colorways of the LeBron X, the “Cork” features it’s own unique symbol in the upper outside diamond. Recently, we got a look at what the LeBron X “Cork” box will look like. It’s tough to say if this is the same box which the shoes will be distributed in through retail, but nevertheless I have to admit that this is probably the coolest packaging we’ve seen from any shoe in 2012.


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